How AnasoDiabITiz uniquely empowers you to tame diabetes

Puts you in control

No one understands you better than you. You are your own best doctor because you are always with you. We will empower you to take of yourself like a pro, make informed decisions that will ultimately lead to health, life and prosperity.


We will always be there for you 24/7. We will also put you in contact with peers for mutual support. You will never feel alone nor guilty. You will have all the support you need to make you a champion.


Never again would the quality of care you receive be determined by your income or your domicile. Our solutions cut across demographics and social status and offers all the SAME fair chance at life, health and productivity.


We will make it easy to find and interact with care providers. We will also spice your relationship with care providers by empowering you to be a valuable team member. This will enable you have informed input in the decision making process.

Living with diabetes is not a death sentence. You may have to make changes and you can overcome it. Let's walk this road with you!


What we at AnasoDiabITiz Inc. do.
Sustainable model of delivering diabetes care equitably across the globe.

We have seen many become despondent, unproductive and unable to live a fulfilled life on account of diabetes. Diabetes has also claimed many lives and with over 400 million people globally living with it, many more could be lost. One person dies every 6 seconds on account of diabetes.

Do we have adequate numbers of care providers and resources to turn this scourge around? Can we rely on the current models of healthcare delivery to deal with diabetes?

Clearly, we need new and innovative ways to deal with this scourge.

At AnasoDiabIT Inc., we have designed SUSTAINABLE, PERSONALIZED AND SCALABLE models for dealing with diabetes. We make it possible to EFFICIENTLY manage of millions of People Living with Diabetes using currently AVAILABLE RESOURCES without “breaking a sweat”.

Changing diabetes one person at a time … because diabetes can be controlled!


    Quality care irrespective of domicile or social status. Its your right!


    Because you are unique, our solutions treat you as you and not "one of them"!


    Mundane tasks are automated and our servers scale on demand. They do not need coffee to stay awake.


    Managing diabetes is expensive so we share the cost so individuals and funders can focus on living.


Diabetes has affected us directly and indirectly. We learnt from it, we now want to help!
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Co Founder & Spokesperson
Charles Mattocks has made a name for himself from a very early age. Inspired by his legendary uncle Bob Marley, Charles made his splash in music releasing singles on major labels at only 17 years old. Wanting to appear in Sesame Street to follow in the footsteps of one of his inspirations Morgan Freeman, Charles landed a major agent at William Morris that led Charles to co star and star in many films. The most prominent film was The Summer Of Ben Tyler starring James Woods and Elizabeth Mc Govern. Charles played the title role of Ben Tyler and received an Emmy award nomination for that role. Charles went on to star in many more TV and film roles. Leaving Los Angeles to raise his son as a single father Charles moved to Florida where he created The Poor Chef and made his name as as a celebrity chef featured on such shows as CNN, Dr Oz, The Today Show and many more. After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes Charles took on the role of ambassador for diabetics around the world. He then went on to shoot his first documentary on his life with diabetes and create the first ever diabetes reality TV show for diabetes. Now wrapping his film based on his mother’s condition Trial By Fire is poised to be a major force in film making. Sharing his mothers story and the tens of thousands around the world, this documentary will open eyes around the world. For more info on Charles and his projects visit Or
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Co Founder & Chief Exec. Officer
Dr Chibuzo Anaso is a general practitioner with special interest in Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases. Has a vast experience dealing with diabetes both as a Medical Doctor and as a Diabetes Self-Management Coach. His dream is to see a world where diabetes ceases to be a killer.
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Co Founder & Chief Medical Officer
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